Councillor Ryan Elijio

Tourism, Zoning and Planning, Building Unit

Ryan Cornelius Elijio is a proud resident of the south side of Belize City and was raised in the Lake Independence area by a humble hardworking single mother.

He was educated at St. Ignatius Primary School and later at the St. John’s College Extension and the SJCJC Evening Division. Through sheer determination and an unrelenting will to succeed he attained an Associate’s Degree in Business. 

Ryan, a career educator, has also attained a certificate in education followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in education. He is passionate about education and ensuring that the youth in Belize City are given access to education. His commitment also goes beyond formal education, and he has pledged as a member of the new Belize City Council to ensure that there are employment opportunities available for youths coming out of school. 

He has four children, three girls and a son.