Youth Shadow Council Update

Mon, 02nd November 2020

As a first-time initiative, we are proud to share the extensive progress our Youth Shadow Council has made so far on their journey to becoming future leaders of the City. Through our Programs Department, we have been able to arrange a series of training sessions and consultations to equip our youth members with the skills and background knowledge to effectively manage an active City Council.
These sessions have included a policy training course delivered by Attorney Anthony Sylvester, wherein the Shadow Councilors were educated on the Council Act, the Standing Regulations, the Procedure for applying for a seat in Municipal Office, etc. Additionally, each member has been enrolled in a virtual Communications & Media Training program which entails engaging in weekly zoom meetings that provide learning materials on effective communication practices, public speaking, speech writing, etc. hosted by Mrs. Daedra Isaacs-Haylock.
Most recently, the Youth Shadow Council also represented the Belize City Council at the virtual 2020 Global Leadership Summit where they benefited from a two-day line-up of presentations about contemporary leadership given by various famous and professional speakers from around the world.
We are confident that through these experiences, our budding professionals will be able to excel not only in a political setting, but in any professional atmosphere they find themselves in in the future. This is a major step towards fostering one of our most sustainable and important resources as a country, our people. We look forward to seeing the great benefits the program will yield for our participants and, eventually, our city.