Inauguration of Two New Traffic Lights System

Wed, 28th October 2020

As servicemen and women of the people, the Belize City Council places the highest priority on fulfilling our promises. Upon being elected we pledged to modernize the city utilizing smart technology to optimize our traffic lights system that places pedestrian safety ahead of traffic flow.
Today at the intersection of Albert Hoy and Chetumal Street in the Belama phase 1 area as well as the intersection of Central American Blvd and Faber's Road we inaugurated two more state of the art traffic lights to ensure pedestrian safety while regulating a smooth flow of traffic.
Councilor for Traffic, Allan Pollard in the company of Area Representative for Freetown Hon. Francis Fonseca, Standard Bearer for Port Hon. Gilroy Usher, Mayor Bernard Wagner, Deputy Mayor Michael Norales, Standard Bearer for Collet, Councilor Oscar Arnold, Councilors Javier Castellanos, Albert Vaughan, Aisha Gentle and City Administrator Stephanie Lindo-Garbutt, and others commemorated this milestone of the Council with words of hope for further developments in our city and our country.
Mayor Wagner also shared his sentiments on the progress the council has made towards achieving its manifesto despite the challenges brought on by the emergence of Covid-19. He reinforced the council's intentions to satisfy all the objectives and more with the help and support of the people. Together we can be the change we want to see.