Belize City Council's Staff Received a Portion of their Deferred Payments

Mon, 21st December 2020

We are happy to conclude the year on a note of fulfillment and delivery. As promised, Mayor Wagner and the Belize City Council was able to successfully provide all members of staff with a portion of their deferred payments for the period of April 16th to June 30th. Additionally, we were pleased to provide our staff with a holiday token equivalent to the cost of one ham and turkey.
These gestures are a testament of our heartfelt gratitude to our workforce who have gone above and beyond to ensure that the Belize City Council remained opened and functional for the benefit of our residents during the pandemic.
Under the stewardship and flexibility of Mayor Bernard Wagner, our employees have remained employed and are being  compensated for their services, despite the harsh effects of COVID-19.
We celebrate this as another victory of the council and we are proud to have kept the interest of both our residents and our staff at the forefront of our endeavors.