Mayor Bernard Wagner and Councilor Michael Norales Attend Conference in Barbados

Mon, 12th August 2019

Mayor Bernard Wagner and Councilor Michael Norales along with other regional and Caribbean leaders concluded a two-day conference in Bridgetown, Barbados. The conference was hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank and focused on defining the elements of the blue economy and circular growth for countries and islands sustainability while generating project ideas. The sessions elaborated on many of the ideas introduced and discussed at the 2018 Sustainable Blue Economy Conference held in Kenya.

The Sustainable Blue Economy strives to unlock the potential of natural capital for economic growth by harnessing the potential of seas, lakes, oceans and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly those in developing states. Presentations were made which aimed at encouraging countries like Belize to develop ideas and implement projects that coincide with the sustainable development platform geared to boost the economy and improve climate change resilience while providing positive social impact to those living at the margins of society.