Tablets and Cleaning Supplies Donation to City Schools

Tue, 28th July 2020

It was another great day of service to the people for the Belize City Council team and partners. Mayor Bernard Wagner and Deputy Mayor Michael Norales along with councilors and aspiring area representatives, Oscar Arnold and Allan Pollard Jr. and Albert Division Standard Bearer Paul Thompson visited the faculty and staff of Calvary Temple School, Queen Square Anglican School, James Garbutt SDA Primary School and the YMCA to distribute 24 high performance RCA Voyager Pro touchscreen tablets with keyboards, face masks and various cleaning and sanitizing essentails such as mops, buckets, and sanitizing liquids. The mayor was filled with pride and nostalgia, particularly as he walked the grounds of his alma mater Queen Square Anglican School.

Throughout this initiative, the mayor and his team congratulated the various administrators and emphasized the importance of adapting the new societal norms in our schools during the COVID-19 pandemic so that the youths may still be provided with the education they need to excel. In his own words, Mayor Wagner expressed that it is imperative for the city to render assistance to our educational institutions and although the Belize City Council may not have resources in abundance, we remain steadfast in our unmatched resolve to be always be ‘bout the people.