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Procedures of the Traffic Department

Processing of new vehicles registration

  1. All documents must be checked and signed by the administrator before titles are opened for transferring or registering vehicles. These documents must include a title and an original copy of the custom entry which should reflect similar information and import duty receipt.

  2. The documentation officer should check to see if the documents flow in regards to Legal Owner, VIN, Make and Model of vehicle matching on the title, Affidavit, Notary Public, and Grant of Administration. These documents must reflect the information given on the custom entry.

  3. Vehicles are charged according to the tare weight and the type (goods, private, or taxi) The customer request to license the vehicle based on the information of the inspection Sheet. (See attachment)

N.B. In order to transfer a vehicle that has been exempted from paying duties, all custom duty must be paid and a reassessment custom entry must be presented to proceed.

Processing vehicles form the Transport Department

Documentation officer must make sure that the registration certificate is accompanied by an inspection form signed by a Traffic motor vehicle Inspector before any type of transaction being performed./p>

Vehicles model year from 1997 to present needs to custom entry, (with 5 years grace Period) an inspection sheet and the registration certificate to facilitate any form of transaction.

Dupliate Sticker / Plates / Duplicate Driver's License or Duplicate Vehilce Registration

A police report form should be obtain from the Belize City Council Traffic Department and should be taken to the Raccoon Street Police Station and to make an official report given the circumstances of sticker, driver's license, vehicle registration, or license plate. Upon receiving a receipt showing that a report had been made at the Police Department. The customer can then return to the Traffic Department and pay a fee of $15.00 for Duplicate vehicle registration, sticker, or license plate a fee of $25.00 is require for duplicate driver's license.

Processing of a driver's permit (1st time)

Application form must be completed, signed by the applicant and also signed and stamped by a government medical officer. The application must be accompanied with two passport size pictures, a utility bill for verification of address, and a photo ID of the applicant (passport, social security card or voter’s ID card) see attachment.

Renewal of Driver's License

The holder of a Belize City Driver's License should bring along his or her expiry license to do a renewal with a maximum of (3) three years. With a fee of $60.00 for a year, $120.00 for two year and $180.00 for three years.


A person who has a valid driver's license for one year or more is legible for an endorsement. Excluding class "D" which can be obtained on a first issue of driver's license. Class "C1" required a written test only, all other class require a practical test. Each class requires a learner's permit with a cost of $30.00 excluding class "C1" which does not require a learner’s permit. The cost of each endorsement is $40.00.

N.B. To acquire classes B, C & E the applicant must be a Belizean.


1 year
2 year
3 year

Temporary Vehicle Permit

A temporary permit is approved by the administrator or the manager based on the documents lacking clarity on actual owner, movement from one point to another etc. The vehicle must be insured before the permit is issued. The cost of a permit is $10.00

Cemetery Office

 All queries need to be done at the Cemetery Office located at the Lord Ridge Cemetery with Mrs. Valetta Lucario before payments can be made to the City Hall. When registering a death the Death Certificate MUST be presented at the time of registering.



Grave Research $25.00 - needs to be done at the Cemetery Office

Grave Space - $150.00 Adult / $100.00 Children

Escorts $50.00 - minimum of Two (2) Escorts Required

Tombing (optional) - $1200.00 Adult / $450.00 Children


Grave Space - $250.00 Adult / $100.00 Children

Tombing (optional) - $1200.00 Adult / $450.00 Children

Escorts $50.00 - minimum of Two (2) Escorts required