Hubert Pipersburgh Diaspora Help Desk

As service providers for all Belizeans, the Belize City Council also acknowledges the importance of catering to Belizean nationals living outside of the country. Via the Local Economic Development (LED) Department, we also offer investment opportunities information to Belizeans beyond our borders. In keeping abreast with this information, members of the Diaspora have an equal opportunity to:

  • Own property and engage in business in Belize City
  • Make suggestions to existing policies on behalf of the Diaspora
  • Remain current with property tax and trade license payments

Additionally, this information will enable Belizean immigrants to contribute to the economic advancement of the city through informed investment participation.

The Diaspora Desk remains available to assist current and potential customers with all queries and concerns regarding these factors.

  • Councilor: Javier Castellanos
  • Local Economic Development Manager: Melecia McDougall

Contact Us:

To seek further information or book an appointment kindly contact Alexander Ellis (Alex) at the Hubert Pipersburgh Diaspora Help Desk: