Councillor Javier Castellanos

Management Information Systems and Market Management

Councillor Javier Castellanos is one of our returning Council members who has spent many years serving the residents of Belize City. Javier was born and raised in Belize City and was educated at Queen Square Anglican School. He furthered his studies at Nazarene High School before going to what was then the Belize Technical College and the University of the West Indies.

In his professional life, Councillor Castellanos has experienced diverse paths, serving as a photographer and Scenes of Crime expert in the Belize Police Department. He also worked with the United States Embassy of Belize before venturing into culinary entrepreneurship and going into the family’s restaurant business.

As a businessman working to provide for his family, he has experienced firsthand the lack of opportunities and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. This sparked his interest in working to improve the economy of the city and led him to seek Municipal office in 2018. Following his victory, the Councillor would work closely with the Local Economic Development Department to facilitate numerous initiatives geared toward increasing entrepreneurship and strengthening the city’s economic standings.