Belize City Council


To revitalize the city by serving its people with enthusiasm, transparency, and efficiency.


Our vision for Belize City is to have all residents live in a modern, clean and secure environment. A city abounding with civic pride, patriotism, unity and opportunity for all.

Location: The City Hall is located at #810 Regent Street in the Downtown Area of Belize City and is opened to the public from: Monday -Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm.

Our Approach: Under the leadership of Mayor Wagner and his team of councillors, all objectives have been approached using our 3E's strategy which seeks to Educate, Engage and Enforce. We have partnered with and gained insight from global entities to outline major target areas for sustainable development within the city and how to approach these areas as robustly as we can. 

Additionally, we have also ensured that all services and programs be provided under the theme of our core values which mandates that we remain: Welcoming, Helpful, Respectful and Professional.


Belize City has undergone rapid development and expansion that is creating opportunities in our social and economic sectors every day on a tangible scale. As one like-minded body, we have implemented new strategies, campaigns and projects to improve and/or increase:

  • Community Outreach and Engagement 
  • Revenue
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Education, Youth Sports & Culture
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Public Safety & Emergency Management

*link to our social media pages for a better view of the projects we have done since 2018*

Whats next? We now set our sights to the future and enact our plans to breathe new life into our city. Given that we have extended ourselves to create relationships and identify opportunities for improvement, we are at the phase of promoting local and international investors to help turn our vision into a reality!