Programs Department

The Programs department is designed to create initiatives that keep the Belize City Council involved in the community. Programs seeks to engage the city residents, especially children, in order to foster a trusting and dependable relationship between ourselves and our people; as well as create opportunities for social development.

Our main focus entails:

  • Steering works of the Belize City Council with the consideration of children 
  • Assisting with the planning of any events going on 
  • Creating a friendly environment for children through the Belize City Child Advisory Body
  • Responsible for community outreach (grief therapy, parenting sessions, counselling sessions)
  • Maintaining partnerships with BFLA, National AIDS Commission of Belize and organizations that deal with the welfare of the community 
  • Responsible for all sporting events and their logistics (sports coordinator) 

  • Programs Councillor: Malcolm Nunez
  • Programs Manager: Devin Daly
  • Email Address: