Cemetery Department

The Cemetery Department ensures that local burial sites remain both clean and accessible to the public in the event that a loved one needs to be buried. Our responsibilities include arranging burials and maintaining the cemetery grounds by cutting the grass and removing garbage and other waste materials from the cemetery as well as rocks and other land forms that might hinder the burial process. The Cemetery Department can also be contacted in the event that a tomb has been broken and needs repair.

The procedures and documents required to when a burial is needed are as follows:  

1. A copy of the original death certificate needs to be submitted to the Cemetery Department, and a grave research will follow. The care taker and a family member will conduct a physical verification of the location according to the information that is in the log book of graves, the section and the number.

 2.  There is a Disclaimer form that needs to be submitted along with an identification card as well. This request can only be made by a spouse or child of the deceased. That gives us the authority to re-open an existing grave.

 These forms are issued at the Cemetery Office and payments are to be made at the City Hall.

  • Cemetery Councillor: Dorian Usher
  • Manager: Marcia Joseph
  • Email Address: cemetery.manager@belizecitycouncil.org