Enforcement Department

The Special Constables Unit acts as the enforcement arm for the Belize City Council. Our team consists of thirty one officers who are responsible for issuing bench warrants, warrants for traffic violations, and assists the Municipal Court in issuing summons. These constables also collaborate with other departments within the council to ensure that day to day operations run smoothly and without violations. Other responsibilities of the Special Constables include: 

  • Michael Finnegan Market (Security 6am-6pm)
  • Mon-Sun (6 constables there to manage and supervise), Sat (4am -6am)
  • Special Constables assist market personnel in collecting market fees for those who have not paid
  • Thurs-Mon morning 6pm-6am they day monitor different establishments and shops who sell liquor and check for liquor licenses 
  • Do periodic check points to reduce traffic offenses (2 officers and a senior supervisor) 
  • Assist the Revenue Department and Valuation Department in issuing stop orders for businesses that have not paid trade license 
  • In charge of search and rescues in the case of a natural disaster

  • Special Constables Councillor: Albert Vaughan
  • Email Address: specialconstable@belizecitycouncil.org