City Council Members

His Worship Mayor Bernard Wagner

Finance and Administration, Human Resources and Anti-Corruption, CARILED

Deputy Mayor Michael Norales

Sanitation, CEMO, Security, Flood Mitigation and Climate Change

Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts

Foreign Affairs, Women and Children, NGO's and After School Programs

Councillor Oscar Arnold

Budgeting, Municipal Court and Special Constables

Councillor Allan Pollard Jr.

Traffic, Community Participation, Public Relations and Special Events

Councillor Micah Goodin

MIS, Staff Development and Training, Youth and Sports

Councillor Aisha Gentle

Market, Citizen Engagement, Parks and Beautification

Councillor Javier Castellanos

Economic Development, Small Business, Trade and Investment

Councillor Ryan Elijio

Tourism, Zoning and Planning, Building Unit