New, Professional Uniforms For Maintenance Staff

Wed, 03rd June 2020

Changing Culture, Changing Mindsets...

Here at the Belize City Council, we have outfitted our front line sanitation staff (now referred to as our Operational Support staff), RMMS Unit and Cemetery Department staff with new, professional, protective and comfortable uniforms. While the events of the past two months have exposed the need for safer outfits for our workers in the field, this uniform initiative has been in the pipeline for about a year. Within the month, our market staff, parks and playgrounds, and the works staff will all be receiving their new apparel as well.

It is our hope that this line of heavy-duty clothing, along with their sanitisers, gloves and other PPEs, will better equip our workers to handle the different risk elements they face everyday on the job. We also saw this initiative as an opportunity to the contribute to the local economy as the cloth is locally bought and the apparel is locally made.

We have always been a council who puts our people first, and our staff is no exception. We extend our sincerest gratitude to our frontline workers and we do hope you enjoy your new apparel.
~Your Belize City Council....Always ’Bout The People