The Second Cohort of the Youth Shadow Councillors Tour City Hall

Wed, 13th October 2021

Our Youth Shadow Council Program continues to see progress as we welcomed Youth Councillors Brenjay Castillo, Elvianne Hamilton, Warren Smith, Marci Mejia and Ashley Conorquie to the City Hall for an orientation session. Shadow Councillors met up with their designated mentors, respectively Councillor Kaya Cattouse responsible for MIS, Staff Development and Training, Youth and Sports, Wellness and E-Governance, Councillor Natasha Pipersburgh responsible for Municipal Court, CEMO, Climate Change, Disaster and Risk Management, Women & Children and NGO's, Councillor Deannie Requeña responsible for Foreign Affairs and Sister City Relations, After School Programs, Public Relations and Special Events, Councillor Edmund Kwan responsible for Local Economic Development, Trade and Investment, Small and New Businesses and Councillor Michael Novelo responsible for Public Health, Cemeteries, Parks & Playgrounds and Beautification. All shadow Councillors were introduced to the managers and staff members from various departments throughout the Council who imparted knowledge on how the council's daily affairs are handled. Through this immersive strategy, we aspire to empower our youth with the capabilities to take our city further and higher as they strive for future success.