Talented Youth Athletes Welcomed to City Hall by Mayor and Councillors

Wed, 08th December 2021

“In sports, as in all other activities in a small country like Belize, there are forces at work behind the scenes which sometimes have a significant influence on the outcomes of major events.”
Evan X. Hyde- Sports, Sin and Subversion, 2008
As stalwart supporters of youth in sports, Mayor Bernard Wagner, Councillors Kaya Cattouse and Javier Castellanos welcomed 25 talented youth athletes with their coaches to the City Hall today to officially distribute signed copies of the locally written sports biography entitled Sports, Sin and Subversion by Evan X. Hyde.
We took the opportunity to encourage our youths to stay grounded in their craft while remaining connected with those athletes from the past whom in similar fashion excelled in their sporting discipline while paving the path for their current sporting journey.
Participants also received school bags equipped with sanitary and athletic supplies to aid them in their pursuits towards excellence across their sports disciplines.
We extend thanks to our athletes for their participation and to the coaches for their unwavering dedication to continuing sporting programs in Belize. The council wishes you all the best as great opportunities come your way!