Freetown Summer Festival: A Night of Culture

Tue, 22nd August 2023

We're thrilled to wrap up the incredible "Freetown Summer Festival: A Night of Culture" event, a collaborative effort between Mayor Bernard Wagner & the Belize City Council and Hon. Francis Fonseca & the Freetown Committee 🎉.

An unforgettable evening filled with delectable food, captivating art, vibrant entertainment, and heartwarming family moments. This event perfectly embodies our commitment to continuously develop inclusive, safe, fun, and family-oriented gatherings that bring the community together and amplify the essence of Belize City's vibrant culture while also bolstering local economic development by offering a platform for our vendors to flourish! 

Here's to the spirit of unity, creativity and progress. Stay tuned for more exciting events with your Belize City Council!

~Your Belize City Council...Always 'Bout The People 

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