Mayor Bernard Wagner's New Appointment

Tue, 26th September 2023

Congratulations, Mayor Bernard Wagner!🎉 Newly Appointed Member of the Advisory Group on Local and Regional Governments to the Secretary General of the United Nations!

The goal for the Advisory Group is to advise the United Nations Secretary-General on matters pertaining to local and regional governments’ engagement and action, to inform member states’ decision-making in relation to recovery measures from multiple and overlapping crises and implementing international agreements and standards, including on sustainable development, gender equality, social inclusion, climate action, the new urban agenda and human rights. 

The Advisory Group consists of 20 appointed members representing countries all over the world. Mayor Wagner is one of just three members representing Latin America and the Caribbean region. The Advisory Group will be officially launched on October 6, 2023 in New York.

We extend our full support to Mayor Bernard Wagner as he represents Belize City in this new capacity, demonstrating our commitment to effective local governance on the international stage.