Belize@42 Mural Unveiled in Belize City!

Wed, 20th September 2023

Belize@42 Mural Unveiled in Belize City!

Today, we proudly unveil the Belize@42 Mural, a magnificent masterpiece that pays homage to an original 1981 poster encouraging Belizeans to get their heads together for independence, a symbol of our journey to sovereignty. 

What's truly remarkable is that the images on this wall capture the faces of real Belizeans from actual photos taken two decades ago, connecting our past and present in a beautiful tapestry of culture and identity.

The Belize City Council extends heartfelt gratitude to all who made this masterpiece possible:

🎨Hon. Francis Fonseca and the National Celebrations Commission

🎨Lead Artist Mr. Gilvano Swasey and our youth artists, including local students and teachers, your creativity shines brightly! 

🎨Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Technology

🎨National Institute of Culture and History 

And let's not forget the Ministry of Sports for allowing us to use the Roger’s Stadium fence as a canvas for this remarkable piece of art! 

As we gaze upon this work of art, let us remember that we are the authors of Belize's story, and together, we continue to shape its future. 🇧🇿 #muralpainting #OurHistory #UnityInArt #belizecity #belizecitycouncil #localartists