Inauguration of Constitution Park's Rehabilitation Works

Thu, 01st February 2024

Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council team were thrilled to join Hon. Anthony Mahler and the Belize Tourism Board team for the Inauguration of the Rehabilitation Works of Constitution Park in Belize City. πŸŽ‰πŸŒ³

We express our appreciation of being a partner in this significant endeavor alongside Minister Anthony Mahler and the dedicated team at the Belize Tourism Board. The revitalized space now embraces a contemporary and modern aesthetic, giving the area not just a facelift but redefining it as a recreational haven.

This rehabilitation work aims to create a space tailored for the comfort and enjoyment of our locals and tourists, with a special focus on our families. We envision Constitution Park as a place where cherished family memories are made and local artists can freely showcase their talents.

As always, your Belize City Council remains committed to projects that uplift our community. Here's to a revitalized Constitution Parkβ€”a space for joy, artistic expression, and family bonding! 🌳🎨 

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