Mayor Wagner and Team conducted Worksites Visit

Tue, 29th September 2020

Mayor Bernard Wagner along with City Administrator Stephanie Lindo-Garbutt and his team of City Councilors and technical staff recently embarked on an extensive walk-through to visit the current active worksites. During the tour, the team visited multiple city streets and met with some of the standard bearers and area representatives to update them on the ongoing projects occurring in these areas. It is always a pleasure for our team to oversee these projects from the ground level and have a chance to receive live input from our residents.
Your Belize City Council...Always 'bout the People
(Tour route consisted of Tigris St, Cemetery Ln, Racoon St. Ext, Mopan St, Nurse Seay St, Gloanche Crescent, Freetown Rd. and the Bella Vista area)