Property Tax


The Belize City Council informs the general public that Property Tax bills for the year 2018/19 are currently being delivered by its Revenue Agents, and that property taxes are due and payable on or before April 2018.

In an effort to assist the residents of Belize City, the Council is once again offering discounts on property taxes for the period 2018/2019

Discounts are as follows:

10% discount on current property tax (2018/19) paid on or before March 31, 2018. (Payment must be made at the main office or online)

25% discount for senior citizens (65 years or older) on the property where you reside is applicable only to one property. Offer valid ALL YEAR and proof of identification is required. Payment must be paid in full to receive discount. Does not apply to Empty lots.

Payment can also be made at Atlantic Bank Online or at their offices (www. and Scotia Bank (Bill Payment)

The Belize City Council hereby informs the general public that all property taxes that are paid after the prescribed date will be levied with interest. The Council encourages property owners to either pay their agents or come into our office at 109 North Front Street to pay their property taxes. For those who have not yet received their bill, can visit the office or call and request a copy of their bill to be faxed or emailed to them.

N.B. Please note that Revenue agents must present ID upon collection.