Councillor Natasha Pipersburgh attended Humanitarian Training

Thu, 15th April 2021

Today Councillor Natasha Pipersburgh represented the Belize City Council in her capacity as Councillor responsible for CEMO, Disaster and Risk Management and Women and Children at the Humanitarian training on Integrated Protection for Children and Adolescents During Emergency Disaster Situations in Belize, hosted by UNICEF.
The training highlighted the physical and psychological risks affecting children and teens who are affected and displaced by natural disasters such as hurricanes and others. During the delivery of the official remarks, Councillor Pipersburgh noted the devastating effects of hurricanes Eta and Iota last year and explained that trainings such as the ones held today are necessary for disaster preparedness.
We extend a special thank you to UNICEF for continuously including us in these discussions and offering numerous training opportunities to our staff and residents geared toward risk mitigation and disaster management.