Belize City Council's Traffic Department Launched Digital E- Driver's Test System

Mon, 31st May 2021

The Belize City Council is pleased to announce the launch of our new E-Testing Program brought to you by our Traffic Department under the guidance of Councillor Albert Vaughan. In an effort to increase efficiency, we have digitized the written driver's test which is now a fully electronic and multiple-choice based assessment. Results are generated immediately after completion which expedites the process and is also designed using a question bank system that allows for multiple versions of the test to be issued simultaneously. We are excited to be the first Municipality to explore this form of testing which will later be translated to Spanish and Mandarin to cater to a wider client base.
This venture is being driven by innovation and technology as we work towards realizing our vision of transforming our city into a modern, smart and sustainable city. We are proud to see this initiative come to fruition and we look forward to providing this service to our treasured citizens of Belize City.
~Your Belize City Council ...Always 'Bout The People~