The Formation of the National Special Needs and Diverse Ability Committee

Tue, 29th June 2021

In alignment with the goals and objectives of NEMO and our CEMO department, a special meeting was recently held to enact the formation of the National Special Needs and Diverse Ability Committee. This subcommittee is specifically mandated to protect the most vulnerable citizens who normally have the least resources and are the least mobile.
The National Special Needs Committee will specifically work to identify residents who use wheelchairs, who are blind or visually impaired, people who are deaf, have intellectual impairments, mental impairments, etc. which will be done via surveys to government agencies and private sector employers. Once identified, the committee's policy will be to ensure that all affected persons will receive the help, safety and security considerations they need, including disability-specific procedures during local or national emergencies.
The committee will also coordinate response personnel training and communicate with other agencies to equip them to assist people with diverse abilities as well and will do so in collaboration with  NEMO, the Ministry of Human Development, BAPDA, City/Town Council reps, Children’s Homes, HelpAge, the Inspiration Centre, Salvation Army and the Belize Red Cross.
The Belize City Council is pleased to be a part of this initiative to provide the necessary care to our special needs citizens in times of disasters and we are fully committed to ensuring that they receive the best care possible.