Councillor Deannie Requeña Summer Initiative

Mon, 28th June 2021

Councillor Deannie Requeña spent her Sunday afternoon in the best way as she showed the youth of Belize City new and exciting experiences! As part of a summer initiative geared towards child engagement and activity, the Councillor took children from the Collet constituency for an educational afternoon in the outdoors at The Belize Zoo.
We would like to issue a special thanks to the Belize Police Department, Aquatic Premium Purified Water, The Belize Zoo and His Excellency, Ambassador to the United Mexican States, Oscar Arnold for their collaboration in making this project possible.
Councillor Requeña plans to continue this undertaking with children from different constituencies across Belize City this summer and was pleased to introduce something to our young residents that was both informative and a constructive use of their free time.