Deputy Mayor Allan Pollard Delivers Closing Remarks at Inauguration Ceremony

Thu, 15th July 2021

Today Deputy Mayor Allan Pollard made the closing remarks at the inauguration ceremony of a new Academic Hub in the Fort George Community. The United States Embassy in Belize in collaboration with The Love Foundation, the Fort George Resource Center and The Kolbe Foundation launched this new community hub as a part of the "Empowering Communities to Empower Themselves" (ECTET) Project geared toward addressing trauma through arts and media, training adults and young people in the use of peace circles, and supporting the entrepreneurship of adult community members.
It was an honor to be represented at such a noteworthy event and we thank all stakeholders for requesting the presence of Deputy Pollard. The Belize City Council continues to encourage entities such as these to collaborate and explore new ways to empower our city for a better and brighter Belize.