Mayor Bernard Wagner Highlighted by Caribbean Urban Forum Workshop Report

Thu, 05th August 2021

In his capacity as our municipal leader, Mayor Bernard Wagner represented Belize at last month's ‘Entry Points Towards Healthier Urban Environments’ webinar. The forum, hosted in collaboration between the UN-Habitat, the Caribbean Urban Forum and the Caribbean Development Bank was orchestrated to highlight the various and diverse entry points towards healthier urban environments. Multiple panels of urban and health professionals presented on a number of integrated planning and design approaches and tools which place eco-social health at the centre of development strategies. We are proud to share that Mayor Wagner eloquently spoke on the challenges facing Belize, especially our marginalized citizens, due to COVID-19 and an overall lack of security. The hardships facing urban societies, says Mayor Wagner, will "only be achieved if our approach is a collaborative one." His profound and informed contribution to the discussion was documented in the meeting report, shared among the various urban stakeholders involved.
The Belize City Council is pleased to serve our constituents under the stewardship of a leader who is well in tune with the needs of our society and one who has charted a path toward an enhanced, healthier and more resilient municipality. We invite all to view the report here: to view the Mayor's remarks and the key takeaways to this very important discussion.