Celebrating the 76th Anniversay of UN Day

Thu, 21st October 2021

As a longstanding partner in the United Nations, we proudly share in the endeavors of Belize's fellow member states to prioritize sustainable development, democracy, climate action, and much more. While we prepare to celebrate the 76th anniversary of UN Day we were pleased to welcome United Nations Representatives Zana Wade (Communication and Advocacy Officer) and Tracy Hutchinson (Team Leader/Strategic Planner) to the Belize City Council Offices who presented us with flags of the United Nations.
These flags will be flown at the flag monument during the week of 24-30 of October as a sign of solidarity with the ideals of the United Nations. This undertaking also symbolizes our dedication to our residents and all Belizeans as we work daily to enhance the lives of our residents through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and other collective socio-economic initiatives shared by the United Nations.