The Belize City Council Celebrates Earth Day 2022

Fri, 22nd April 2022

In celebration of Earth Day 2022,  the Belize City Council participated in two activities to keep the city green and clean.

Mayor Bernard Wagner joined our friends from the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation along with Miss Earth Destiny Wagner at the Seashore Park Mangrove Plantation event in Belize City!

This initiative is one in a series of activities organized by the Blue Economy Unit to revitalize the Seashore Park and surrounding areas. It is the hope that this project will highlight the importance of coastal protection, environmental protection and marine habitat restoration.

Deputy Mayor Goodin, Councilor Deannie Requena, Councilor Edmund Kwan and the Youth Shadow Council demonstrated their commitment to promoting clean and green city by joining forces with the Operational Support Team in charge of keeping our city clean.

The crew cleaned up downtown Belize City and then took off to the Northside to assist with the upkeep of the All Saints Compound!

Partnerships such as this ensure that not only green spaces are maintained, but they also ensure that our children and by extension their families have positive, thriving spaces to interact and socialize.

Special thanks are extended to the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, Miss Earth Destiny Wagner, and  to the Operations Support Crew who warmly welcomed our Mayor, Deputy, Councillors, and Youth Shadow Council Cohort!

We encourage our Belize City residents to take these practices and transpose them into their everyday lives. Make each and every single day Earth Day as we mobilize efforts to protect our resources!

We all have the important job of keeping our city clean, green and pristine, and as such, we should treat each day as Earth Day! Join the cause, be courteous, socially responsible and an agent for reducing, reusing, and recycling!