Summer Festival "A Night of Culture"

Mon, 15th August 2022

What a night!
Our amazing residents and dedicated vendors and performers truly made our very first ‘Summer Festival: A Night of Culture’ event a truly unforgettable one. This night was about celebrating arts, music, dance, food and the abundance of diversity present in our beloved Belize City.
We ate hudut, rice and beans, caldo, dumplings, BBQ, roti, tacos, pupusas and so much more all while experiencing cultural expressions by our fellow residents.
Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council remain committed to leaving no one behind, and no community behind. The team is energized to work even harder in creating safe,  inclusive, and resilient communities driven by family-oriented events which further boost local economic development and entrepreneurship.
We heard you all loud and clear and are working on setting the date for the next night of culture!
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