Official Inauguration of the Mahogany Street Marketplace

Tue, 13th February 2024

Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council team were honored to join DPM Hon. Cordel Hyde, Hon. Anthony Mahler, and Hon. Gilroy Usher for the official Inauguration of the Mahogany Street Marketplace! 🛍️ 

This collective effort has revitalized the iconic Mahogany Street Reserve into a vibrant hub of economic activity and cultural exchange. 

As partners on this initiative alongside Hon. Anthony Mahler, DPM. Hon. Cordel Hyde,  the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations and the Belize Tourism Board, we’ve transformed the space from Evergreen Street to Oleander Street with eight new carefully crafted vendor booths, public restrooms, and parking facilities. 🏗️ Now, we're excited for the ongoing second phase, extending from Oleander Street to Mackay Boulevard, with approximately 20 additional vendor booths nearing completion. 

At the heart of this project are our vendors, who bring life to the Mahogany Street Reserve with their diverse offerings from food to barber services, boutique items and more. Through grants of $1,500, vendors have also been able to enhance their businesses with essential equipment like stoves, blenders,  refrigerators, barber chairs, and more.

At this Belize City Council, we have always believed in the power of employment as the most effective social program. That's why we're proud to support initiatives that empower entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves and others. 

Together with our local vendors, we've created a welcoming and inclusive space where residents and visitors can connect and celebrate our community's diversity. 🎊

 This project showcases the unique charm and character of Belize City, offering tourists an authentic taste of our culture and heritage! 🇧🇿