Meeting Held To Discuss Safety Regulations of Dalla Vans Amid Covid-19

Mon, 22nd June 2020

The Technical Coordinator of the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities’s Child Advisory Body and the Youth Officer of Belize City Council, Ms. Sharin Pitts, alongside the Community Support Officer, Ms. Kimberly Thompson, and Public Health Educator, Mrs. Tiffany Diaz of the Belize City Council attended a meeting with the Senior Public Health Inspector Mrs. Lisa Muir today.

The meeting was held in light of COVID-19. Presently, CAB recognizes a major concern with the health and safety measures of our public transportation within the city. As a result, the meeting was held to discuss these concerns, especially for health and safety regulations of dollar vans, city cabs and downtown buses. This discussion concerning these issues was very necessary as these will once again become the primary means of transportation for our children as they return to school.