Being Safe and Clean During Covid-19

Wed, 24th June 2020

Today, the Belize City Council’s Programs Unit in collaboration with BFLA conducted its first of many hygiene debriefing and demonstration sessions for the children of Port Loyola under the theme “Being Safe & Clean During Covid-19”

The objective of this session is to educate each child on the safety guidelines to practice during COVID-19 such as: the proper use of face masks, the proper social distancing practices and proper hand washing techniques. A debriefing was carried out by BFLA and a practical demonstration on how to wash your hands and wear a mask was performed by the Program Unit. Each child was given a mask courtesy of the Belize City Council. This session will be organized in all divisions as our children prepare to return to their classrooms very soon.

We appeal to all parents and guardians to instill all the safety measures outlined by the official health authorities with their children.