Tourism Unit

The unit is a nontraditional extension of the Council organizational structure, which has been working aggressively to promote and sustain an environment that encourages the growth of the Tourism industry in the City. With the City being the main port of entry for Cruise Tourism, newly created opportunities are surfacing which call for entrepreneurial activity, and which can significantly increase the level of commercial activity in the City.

The Council's Tourism Unit works very closely with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) which is the organization that concentrates on tourism on a national level. The Council's Tourism Unit's primary responsibilities include: the monitoring of vendors and various operations that occur within the fort Street Tourism Area, communicating with the Tourism Police Unit to address the safety of visitors and vendors in the area, and working with the Belize tourism Board to continuously assess and develop the City's Tourism Industry.

Persons that would like to find out more information about services that are offered by the Tourism Unit may contact our office at telephone (501) 227-7205.

  • Tourism Councillor: Stephanne Hamilton