Traffic Department

The Belize City Council's Traffic Department is one of the largest subdivisions of the Council. Its principal function is to enforce the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Laws of Belize. The Department remains diligent of all traffic activities that occur within the City, and is determined to manage these activities to promote and secure the well-being of all citizens and visitors.

The Traffic Department works very closely with the Police Department, Transport Board and the Ministry of Transport to continuously enforce, review and assess all its duties and responsibilities given under the law. The Department is also responsible for a wide range of traffic related functions, namely:

  • Issuing and renewing driver's license and vehicle license for all individuals and vehicles registered in Belize City.
  • Inspection of all modes of transportation that require a license under the law to traffic on any street.
  • Monitoring and supervision of all parades, funerals and similar activities which impede the normal flow of Traffic.
  • Regulation of Parking and all activities related to parking within the City.
  • Strategic placement of appropriate traffic signs throughout the City.
  • Public education on basic Traffic Laws.
  • Persons that would like to find out more information about services that are offered by the Traffic Department may contact our office at telephone (501) 207-8918 and 207-6236 or visit us on Youth for the Future Drive.

  • Traffic Councillor: Eluide Miller
  • Traffic Administrative Manager: Ian Blake
  • Traffic Enforcement Manager: Kevan Jenkins
  • Email Address: