Market Department

The Market Department promotes economic sustainability by encouraging investor's relationship through the creation of an affordable, comfortable and appealing center that is founded on excellent customer service. The Market Department seeks to embody a business service culture that is both professional and fair, while fostering successful business relationships between clients and the Belize City Council.

Various departments of the council collaborate to provide security & enforcement, restroom facilities and attendants, major plumbing, electricity, carpentry, masonry, welding and other services to the Market Department.

The department accommodates small business investors who are interested in renting an affordable space for their businesses. In addition, the Market Place provides a safe and comfortable environment for vendors, patrons and other stakeholders.

There are key personnel who satisfy various roles to ensure that the department remains operational and efficient at all times such as:

The Manager: is responsible for the daily operations of the market, including addressing the queries and concerns of vendors and the general public. The Manager reports to the Senior Finance Manager and City Administrator on the daily operations of the market.

The Collector:  is responsible for the collection, documentation, verification and pay-ins of all market revenues of the Council.

Market Attendants:  are responsible for the opening and closing of the markets, conduct janitorial and minor maintenance duties of the market compounds. Market Attendants are also assigned to conduct official errands of the Market Department.

Besides janitorial duties of the restroom facilities, the Restroom Attendants are also responsible for the collections and documentations and deposits of all restroom fees collected at the end of each work day.

The Michael Finnegan Market:

The Market Place is a sociable environment where people engage and interact while shopping. It provides a major meeting zone for people from all walks of life, both locals and foreigners who would stop to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, an assortment of fresh meats, dry goods and quality clothing. The market even offers a variety of hot and tasty Mexican and Belizean Cuisines and is rich in Belizean culture.

Wholesale vending is allowed only on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 5:00AM until 10:00AM, outside the Michael Finnegan Market Compound. Meanwhile, Saturdays are set aside for Open Market vending and is the most popular shopping day of the week, when farmers and fishermen from all over the country bring their fresh produce to sell at reasonable prices.

A vending zone was established for Open Market vending starting at the foot of the Novelos Bus Terminal Bridge on West Collet Canal all the way to the end of Racoon Street Bridge.

This zone is blocked off from motorists during vending hours from 5:00AM to 5:00PM for safety of patrons and vendors conducting business in this designated area.

Each Open Market Vendor is charged a small fee of $10.00 per 10ft x10ft vending space and $20.00 for trucks and other vehicles that require more vending spaces.

There are approximately sixty-eight (68) vendors who operate inside the Michael Finnegan Market; they are assigned to numbers and accounts for each stall and booth.

The Market Department generates a yearly income of approximately $996,000.00, inclusive of Public Utilities, Peddler's Fees, and Trade License Fees.

  • Market Councillor: Evan Thompson
  • Market Manager: Darrell Bell
  • Email: