Celebration of National Taiwan Day 2021

Mon, 04th October 2021

Just as the Belize City Council continuously nurtures local partnerships, we likewise work to foster international relationships as well as diaspora and sister city relations. Today we are delighted to celebrate Taiwan National Day as a means of bringing the Taiwanese culture to the residents of our city. For decades, Belize and Taiwan have enjoyed a diplomatic union that has greatly impacted both countries and their peoples and we celebrate that union today with our Taiwanese partners.
In honor of National Taiwan Day 2021, Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Councillors were happy to host Ambassador David Kuan-Chou Chien, Second Secretary  Hugh H. M. Liu and  Second Secretary Gillian Chia-Chen Hu  at the Belize City Hall for a commemoration ceremony. Following remarks by himself and Ambassador Chien, Mayor Wagner received a donation on behalf of the city dedicated to our patriotic youth talent competition and four hundred gift packages containing Taiwanese treats to be distributed to residents across the city.  
We take this opportunity to congratulate the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for successfully incorporating their heritage and culture into the lives of Belizeans across the country and we are happy to have been an integral part in this undertaking.