Belize City Council Continuously Developing Social Infrastructures

Tue, 07th June 2022

Today Mayor Bernard Wagner along with Cllr. Natasha Pipersburgh, Cllr. Albert Vaughan, City Administrator Stephanie Lindo-Garbutt and technical team members embarked on a walk through of Digi Park to visit the park vendors, listen to their feedback and do an assessment of the current plumbing system in order to develop a course of action that will improve the system for both our vendors and park patrons.
The team also did a walk through to check on the progression of our Belize City Urban Garden Pilot Project which is being completed through partnerships with the Belize Red Cross and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise. The intent of this project is to foster greener living and agriculture into the framework of each of the city’s 10 constituencies through training, community engagement and support provided by the council and its partners.