BCC and CAB Link-Up to Promote Mental Health

Thu, 09th June 2022

Upon invitation from UNICEF Belize, members of the Child Advisory Body of Belize City joined Councillor Natasha Pipersburgh in representing the Belize City Council at the Adolescent & Youth Link-Up event hosted by UNICEF to emphasize the importance of mental health awareness, particularly for adolescents and youths throughout challenging times.
The CAB team had an opportunity to share how COVID-19 has impacted them and listen to vital information offered via representation from the National Children's Parliament 2021, U-Report Ambassadors, UNICEF Regional Director Jean Gough, and other panelists.
During this event, the Child Advisory Body of Belize City got to meet fellow CAB members from across the different municipalities and Ms. Earth Destiny Wagner among other invited dignitaries.
A special thank you is extended to UNICEF Belize, 2021 Child Parliamentarians, U-Report Ambassadors, Child Advisory Body members from the various municipalities, and fellow youths who continue to let adolescent and youth voices be heard!