Belize City Council assisted with the Rehabilitation of Victoria Alvarez Park

Fri, 23rd September 2022

In February 2012, Marcia Argalles organized a committed team of community members on Victoria Street to transform an abandoned park into a beautiful dedication in memory of her late son Joshua Abraham. Her efforts were admirable and heartwarming as she proved a true service-woman to her community by finding it in her to give back during a difficult time.
That is why Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council jumped on board without hesitation when approached by Hon. Henry Charles Usher and the Fort George Committee to partner in rehabilitating this park and maintaining the memory of young Joshua Abraham. The council made a financial contribution along with new basketballs to be used in the park and has committed to handle the maintenance of this space so it can be used as a safe, child-friendly space for years to come.
The council remains committed to creating inclusive and resilient communities for all Belize City residents.